L.A Drew takes pride in completing some of the best projects in the Mount Washington Valley. Here are some steps to follow if you want to partner with us on your future plans!

One of the first steps is to have finalized plans – whether supplied by your architect or designed by us. To get started, send us a message on our Contact Page, and either send your pre-designed plans or let us know you’d like our help with that. We will then get back in touch to schedule a meeting! Once plans have been finalized we can go forward with estimating the cost of materials to complete your project and propose a budget to complete it from start to finish.

While completing your project we pride ourselves on efficiency. We work directly with lumber yards, suppliers, and subcontractors to complete your plans in a timely manner. We will perform weekly quality control checks and keep you informed of the progress to ensure you’re in the loop the entire time, and getting what you were promised. At the end of the project we like to do a final walk through with you and answer any last questions. Once we are sure you’re satisfied we hand over any documents and materials you need.

We look forward to working with you on your next project!

Residential Homes

Check out our portfolio of residential houses to get an idea of the previous work we’ve done. To get started, we either need completed plans from your architect, or we can design your dream home with you and give an estimate of the cost. Once started, complete weekly quality checks, and at the end of the project we will do a final walk through, give a binder with manuals for all systems installed, and ensure you are completely satisfied!

Commercial Builds

As one of the best known general contractors in northern New Hampshire, L.A. Drew has earned a reputation for providing the highest quality service and products to the commercial client. With over fifty years of professional contracting experience, we have a real appreciation for the unique needs of each individual client, coupled with the expertise to analyze, anticipate and meet those needs. The result: turnkey service, finished to the last detail and most importantly, to the customer’s satisfaction

Pre-Engineered Steel

Pre-Engineered steel frame buildings combine steel frame and conventional construction, resulting in nearly unlimited choices in building application. As a dealer of American Building, L.A. Drew offers custom designed pre-engineered steel frame buildings. The convenience in design variety makes a steel frame building the most ideal choice for any business needing an open concept with plenty of space.

Excavation Projects

We are pleased to offer excavation and sitework services for jobs of all sizes, including any necessary preparation for all of our, or other’s, building projects. With a full fleet of equipment that includes every type of excavation machinery, we are happy to meet the needs of the State, towns, and individuals for every type of project. We are able to complete projects including septic installs, bulldozing, waterline installs, foundation prep, and most types of landscape work.